How to set up a Tron wallet and link it to TorkPad

To participate in IDOs of Tron-based projects, you must first create a Tron wallet and link it to your TorkPad profile. This TRX wallet will be used to distribute tokens.

ONLY TokenPocket (desktop, mobile, chrome extension) should be used.

Please follow the instructions to set up a wallet:

How to create new wallet in TronPocket

Linking it to TorkPad

Once you have a wallet address, you should link it to your profile on TorkPad. It will be used for all Tron sales distributions.

You can change the TRX wallet at any time. However, any changes made after the sale has ended will not affect the distribution of that sale.

First, open TorkPad:

1) Connect to the wallet you're going to use for IDO participation

2) Open any upcoming TRX sale page

3) You will see a text input, paste your TRX wallet address there

4) If your wallet is valid, you will see a green checkmark. Read and check the checkbox and press "Submit".

5) You will see a popup asking you to confirm a transaction. It is required to ensure that only you can change the corresponding TRX wallet.

Confirm the transaction and if everything is correct, your wallet will be saved in our database. Once a sale ends, we will distribute the tokens to this wallet.

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