Decoding TorkPad Tiers: A Comprehensive Guide to Token Allocation in Crypto IDOs


In the dynamic realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) have become a cornerstone for blockchain projects to raise capital and distribute tokens. At the forefront of these endeavors are launchpads, with TorkPad leading the way. This article aims to unravel the intricacies of TorkPad's tier system, shedding light on staking requirements, allocation types, and pool weights associated with each tier.

Understanding TorkPad Tiers:

TorkPad employs a tier system to cater benefits to participants based on their level of commitment and engagement. Let's delve into the tiers offered by TorkPad.


Staking Requirements: 20,000 TPad

Staking Requirements: 30,000 TPad

Staking Requirements: 40,000 TPad

Staking Requirements: 60,000 TPad

Allocation Type: Lottery (100 Among All)

Allocation Type: Whitelist

Allocation Type: Guaranteed

Allocation Type: Guaranteed

Pool Weight: 5

Pool Weight: 10

Pool Weight: 15

Pool Weight: 25

Deciphering Allocation Size:

Understanding the mechanics behind allocation size is crucial for participants. The formula for calculating allocation size is:

Assuming a total allocation size of 1,000 TPad, the calculated allocation sizes for each tier are:

  • Basic Tier: ~90.91 TPad

  • Bronze Tier: ~181.82 TPad

  • Gold Tier: ~272.73 TPad

  • Platinum Tier: ~454.55 TPad

These values represent the proportional allocation sizes for each tier based on their respective pool weights.


Effectively navigating TorkPad's tier system is vital for crypto enthusiasts aiming to strategically participate in IDOs. Understanding staking requirements, allocation types, and pool weights empowers participants to make informed decisions, increasing their likelihood of securing a favorable token allocation. As TorkPad continues to shape the landscape of DeFi, staying informed about its tier dynamics will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of token investments.

By demystifying TorkPad tiers, we aim to equip the crypto community with the knowledge needed to engage with IDOs in a strategic and informed manner, contributing to the growth and decentralization of the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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