The TPAD token is the utility token in TorkPad, It is used in all functions of the protocol and therefore has multiple use cases.

Case Studies and Value Propositions

Unlike lottery and tier mechanisms, our fundraising solution is more sophisticated and therefore we need a native token to run our ecosystem. As a result, TPAD is coined and used in the following scenarios:

  1. Allocation: Unlike lottery and tier systems, we offer investors guaranteed allocations. To ensure the process is fair, the amount of TPAD tokens staked is used to calculate an individual's allocation.

  2. Rewards: TorkPad includes the community in almost every decision. After the successful launch, we will distribute TPAD token staking rewards as a reward for your tremendous technical and diligent efforts.

  3. Liquidity Mining: TorkPad are going to be providing sufficient liquidity on DEX when the Token sale. However, we are going to be launching our LP mining program to entertain property mercantilism volume whereas rewardable liquidity suppliers in TPAD tokens.

  4. Burning Events: By burning TPAD tokens, we are demonstrating a long-term vision. A portion of the fees collected by TorkPad will be used to repurchase our native tokens and burn them in the event of a token price drop.

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