Project Selection

TorkPad carefully selects products that have undergone a vetting process that considers everything from the origin of the project team to legitimacy and execution capability.

This vetting process instills trust in investors, allowing them to rest assured that their funds are secure.

TorkPad connects investors with project creators to make purchasing tokens or crypto-assets simple and easy.

The steps are as follows:

1. Projects can apply by filling out the IDO application form, which can be found on the official TorkPad website at

2.TorkPad evaluates the project against our eligibility criteria.

3.The project is live and prepared to launch once it's been analysed and accepted by the team.

4.TorkPad selects IDO Date on Launchpad when the project reaches a predetermined threshold for launch application eligibility.

Token holders who have staked TPAD can apply for a project, and we decide allocation per ticket based on all members who applied and the total amount a launchpad wants to raise.

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