How We Different From Others ?

TorkPad platform providing is far completely different than alternative launchpads. Current launchpads use systems like random lottery or bonded allocation, each of that have important drawbacks. The random lottery system causes general frustration for those that area unit unlucky and question the transparency behind the method. The bonded allocation permits everybody to participate within the project, however, it limits investors as they will solely invest a awfully touch.

Therefore, we have developed a one-tier system with the use of lotteries and a guaranteed system for its user, so as that every user blessings. each level has its peculiarities, through that we've an inclination to do and provide each user the prospect to urge the foremost allocation

Full stream: TorkPad sets the prices for tiers because it is a decentralized launchpad. We'd like to extend an invitation to everyone in the crypto community to help us future-proof fundraising and pave the way for a bright future.

Fair & Unbiased Distribution: TorkPad promotes 100% truthful & unbiased funds distribution among the comes. The Allocation distribution is predicated on a Lottery, the amount of TPAD tokens a user holds.

Easy Allocation: Our straightforward tiered system ensures funds get allotted to any or all the new Multi-Blockchain crypto comes. TorkPad doesn't work like ancient launchpads wherever one comes and clicks the primary approach.

Proper verification: During the project selection phase, TorkPad performs extensive verification. The project use case, roadmap, tokenomics, award plan, and other key aspects are all thoroughly evaluated.

Secured Platform: Because security is of the utmost importance at TorkPad, many security tools and measures, such as the use of multi-sig vaults for funds and strong transaction validation mechanisms, are enforced. In addition, many layers of security checks are organised on the platform.

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