Autonomy IDO

TorkPad offers a refund method for every participant who joins the IDO project on our Launchpad platform, as the Autonomy Rule is applied.

The user can activate the Claim or Refund function during the TGE of the IDO project.

  • Claim: Claim the Token amount according to the vesting schedule.

  • Refund: Receive a refund for the committed funds.

  • When users select Claim, the Refund option is no longer available, and vice versa.

Every IDO Pool, including the Guaranteed and FCFS Pools, has a refund mechanism. Refund Time: Depending on the situation, the refund time may begin at Claim Time or Listing Time.

  • Platinum Tier: 12 hours

  • Gold Tier: 6 hours

  • Other Tier: 3 hours

  • FCFS: 2 hours

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